FierceMedTech’s 2017 Fierce 15

When we were compiling this year’s crop of Fierce 15 companies, some clear themes stood out. Genomics. Bioelectronics. Artificial intelligence. But while multiple companies are working to improve the use of these technologies, there runs a deeper current: making care more accessible. For example, Allurion Technologies is developing a weight-loss… Read more


Artificial intelligence is being explored as a new tool for diagnosing coronary artery disease

We are witnessing a new era in which artificial intelligence is being applied to areas of research, imaging, diagnostics, and treatment. In cardiovascular medicine, it is being used in various ways from genomics to cardiac imaging analysis, yielding technology and tools that could potentially change diagnostic testing to improve patient… Read more


Will Phase Space Tomography Revolutionize Cardiac Diagnostics? Interview with Don Crawford, CEO of Analytics 4 Life

Human body emits all kinds of signals that, if analyzed with the proper sensors and computers, can help us develop completely new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Most medical technology advancements are improvements of existing devices, but some people try for bigger leaps. Analytics 4 Life is a company based in… Read more


The richest families in America are pouring money into healthcare startups

Life sciences companies, especially those that make medical devices, are tapping funding outside of the venture capital community. Family offices, which manage the money of very wealthy investors, are appealing backers because they can also consider the philanthropic aspect of funding healthcare technology. Healthcare startups are taking a new tack… Read more


Missile Detection Inspires Safer Cardiac Imaging Approach

Heart disease is the leading cause of death globally, with coronary artery disease (CAD) attributed to one in seven deaths in the United States. CAD is a condition where major blood vessels that supply the heart with blood, oxygen, and other nutrients become damaged or diseased, as defined by The… Read more


Analytics 4 Life Raises $25 Million for AI-Backed Cardiac Imaging Technology

Funding will advance proprietary imaging technology designed to assess coronary artery disease with a machine learning algorithm October 20, 2017 — Digital health company Analytics 4 Life announced it has completed a $25 million Series B financing. This financing event was supported by an international syndicate of accredited investors, including… Read more


The Next Generation of Medicine: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

SOURCE: TM Capital Read more


Analytics 4 Life: Using AI to Diagnose Coronary Artery Disease at the Point-of-Care

SOURCE: The MedTech Strategist Read more


Analytics 4 Life lands $25m for AI-backed cardiac imaging tech

Analytics 4 Life said today that it landed $25 million in a Series B financing round. A group of investors, including doctors and medical device experts, contributed to the round. The digital health company’s cardiac imaging tech is designed to help physicians assess the presence of coronary artery disease using… Read more


Artificial intelligence health care company with RTP roots raises $25M

Analytics 4 Life – a medical device company that is based in Toronto but houses its U.S. headquarters in Research Triangle Park – has raised $25 million in a Series B financing. The company is focused on using artificial intelligence to develop solutions for improving health care. Its first device,… Read more


Analytics 4 Life nets $25M for AI-based cardiac diagnostic

Analytics 4 Life, which is developing a noninvasive, artificial intelligence-based platform that quickly diagnoses coronary artery disease, raised $25 million in series B financing to carry its device through clinical trials. The Toronto-based company’s CorVista platform is built on its Phase Space Tomography technology. The system identifies areas of ischemia—to… Read more


A new world of non-invasive cardiac diagnostics

Toronto-based Analytics 4 Life just raised $25 million in Series B financing to develop and ultimately commercialize their non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic. The device, called CorVista, reads electrical signals from the heart and, with a little AI assistance, converts them into images to help clinicians assess cardiovascular damage. To some degree,… Read more


Med device, drug delivery companies join J&J’s Toronto JLABS incubator

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) said today it has added 24 companies, including those in the medical device and drug delivery fields, to its JLABS incubator facility in Toronto, Canada. The facilities in Toronto now host over 40 companies, according to Johnson & Johnson, all of which are provided with lab… Read more


I was worried about artificial intelligence—until it saved my life

Earlier this month, tech moguls Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg debated the pros and cons of artificial intelligence from different corners of the internet. While SpaceX’s CEO is more of an alarmist, insisting that we should approach AI with caution and that it poses a “fundamental existential risk,” Facebook’s founder… Read more


A4L uses machine learning to detect coronary artery disease

Analytics 4 Life (A4L) is an artificial intelligence company developing non-invasive, cost-effective medical devices. In January of 2017, the company moved into new office space at JLABS @ Toronto, where it employs a team of approximately 20 people, with another 10 located at its U.S. headquarters in Research Triangle Park,… Read more


Taking collaborative innovation to a higher level

Driving innovation is the focus of SOSCIP—an ambitious research and development consortium that is supporting ground-breaking scientific advances in areas with significant commercialization opportunities. Originally established with funding from FedDev Ontario’s Prosperity Initiative, and expanded with a contribution from the Investing in Commercialization Partnerships initiative,  SOSCIP brings academia and industry… Read more


Straight from the heart

The human body emits millions of physiologic signals, much of which is conventionally believed to be noise, but what if these signals could provide a deeper understanding of our biology and distinguish a healthy heart from a diseased one, even before symptoms appear? That is precisely what Analytics 4 Life… Read more


OCE Success Story: Analytics 4 Life

Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada and an estimated 1.3 million Canadians are currently living with it. Early detection is crucial to decreasing death rates, but current diagnostic techniques can be invasive and costly. Analytics 4 Life (A4L) has developed an analytics platform with the potential… Read more


IBM launches Toronto startup hub, enrolls first participant

IBM and the Ontario Centres of Excellence launched a startup hub in Toronto this week, enrolling e-health player Analytics 4 Life (A4L) as its first participant. The IBM Innovation Space is the first program to launch under IBM’s $54 million Innovation Incubator Project, according to a statement. The company put… Read more


Analytics 4 Life Takes The Stress Out Of Coronary Artery Disease Tests

TORONTO, Jun. 8, 2016 /TechPORTFOLIO/ — Data collected and crunched in the cloud aims to replace test that involves radioactive dye injections and running on a treadmill. For a disease recognized as the most common global cause of death – 8.14 million worldwide in 2013 – coronary artery disease is extremely… Read more


Unheralded medtech success

An unheralded story of medtech success – How Sapheon went from an idea on the back of a napkin to a $240 million exit to Covidien – MassDevice Welcome to the Medsider interview series, a special new feature at MassDevice, which will appear regularly. All interviews are conducted by Scott… Read more


Stealth machine learning startup raises $10M to develop a heart disease detection algorithm

Stealthy machine learning player A4L announced that it has raised CA$10 million ($7.1 million) to develop and test its algorithm for heart disease. The Toronto-based company says that its proprietary variable extraction algorithm has analyzed and manipulated 2 billion data points in laboratory research, which was supported by the Southern… Read more